Centre creased flairs and oatmeal hues


What I wore : 

Firstly I must disclaim that this is not in fact Celine's latest ad campaign even though it really looks like it could be haha. Jokes aside It goes without saying that this is my favourite look to date probably because it bears similarity to The row's A/W 15 show which is my favourite collection EVER!  I am a huge believer in the church of flares so when I laid my eyes upon this this 70's inspired pair that my friend picked out (s/o to my girl Esther) I was very excited to say the least. I wore this look to my first ever interview for a fashion job so it's only right that I felt like the editor in chief of Vogue as I strutted through London. You know an outfit's good when it gives you the confidence of Schulman herself. 

Neutrals have been my favourite colour palette as of late  which could explain why this entire editorial is pretty much neutral even down to the pavement im stood on -I mean talk about commitment. As I type this i'm even wearing a cream jumper so it's a fact I'm obsessed. What colours are you feeling this season let me know in the comments below, have a fabulous day, and God bless youxx

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  1. Such a killer outfit, so so gorgeous! I love it! x


  2. Love the outfit! Go girl!



  3. You make topshop look like its designer

  4. Your style is TRULY inspiring. You are so gorgeous, your photos always look professional--I just love your blog.

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